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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prince of Persia Classic Java Games

Still remember the prince of persia's game in your computer long time ago. Yes, it is at the DOS era, this game is very popular. Even, it is the best game for me at that time
So, now gameloft able to attend that atmosphere for mobile phone in the form of java games. Prince Of Persia Classic narrate a prince venturing on in prison alley which is the full of snare, to save some princess from virulent hand of Fizier. Of course it isn't easy, because the prison is full of trap and the prince also have to fight against the Fizier staff . In the final stage, you'd fight against Fizier, and of course it isn't easy to defeat him.
Is there anyone want to enhance ?

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pupungbp said...

I'm one of PoP lover, especially on PC Version. So... there's a Java version for this? I'll grab one...

YoenS said...

Yes,buddy.i'm the fan of POP and i play this games with my N Gage QD :
1. Prince Of Persia : Sand of Time
2. Prince Of Persia : Warrior Within
3. Prince Of Persia : The Two Thrones
4. Prince Of Persia : Classic
every phone with java midp 1 can play this game,but you must knew the resolution of your phone screen.

ps: i play POP in PSP too. :)

pupungbp said...

I got O2 XDA Stealth with 2.4” TFT LCD display with touch panel, 240 x 320 dots resolution, 65K colour. How about that?

YoenS said...

i have O2 xda, the 1st xda from O2. And i have many programs inside this gadget. Including my favourite game "Age of Empire"

ps: i have And 1 street basketball for n gage qd. you can play as the professor, 50, until the legendary "half man half amazing".

35484R4 said...

halloooo..gabung jadi member kliktasik mania di juga ya ke sini,,nanti kliktasik link jg ke blog

YoenS said...

He..he,sami2 urang Tasik ya Om.
Udah om,saya sudah gabung di,linkback saya ya.

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