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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Painter Studio for N Gage

Painter Studio enable you to draw pictures, modify photos fetched from your album and then share them by MMS,email or bluetooth with your friend. This application created by e-Rasmuss.

This is the layout when you first open the application :

You can press Help to see what else you can do with this application.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thief Deadly Shadows Episode 2 Java Games

Still play as Garret the master Thief, in Thief Deadly Shadows Episode 2 Java Games. You play at the 3rd chapter : Conspiracy.

Chapter 3 : Conspiracy.
It had become clear that Garrett was being framed for a murder he had not committed. It was going to take all his cunning to uncover the real offender and clear his name. Greed The master thief was definitely closing in on the killer, his identity would soon be revealed thanks to a valuable book Garrett had stolen, the Keepers Compendium. Who knew what secrets would be revealed once the pages had been translated?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thief Deadly Shadows Episode 1 Java Games

Thief Deadly Shadows Episode 1 Java Games. You are Garrett, the master thief.  In the city where Garrett resides, crime and corruption are commonplace, wealthy nobles prey on the poor, and magic and machinery coexist uneasily.  Attempting to stop the fabric of the city from unravelling are the Keepers, they warn of a Dark Age approaching, and Garrett's name appears in their prophecies ...prominently.

The Keepers turn to Garrett in their hour of need, and reluctantly he agrees to help them.  Garrett follows clues from the Keepers and his own information of valuable merchandise into castles, mansions, cathedrals, dungeons and museums, past armed guards intent on putting a stop to the skilled thief's endeavours.

Tensions rise as Garrett uncovers facts and steals treasures that the Keepers wish to remain hidden.  

How to Play Thief Deadly Shadows episode 1 Java Games:
Use LEFT (<) and RIGHT (>) to move. You can hide in the shadows by pressing HIDE (0). Watch the light meter to determine how visible you are. You can choose to look into a room by pressing ACTION (5). You can enter the room by pressing ACTION (5) again, or back out by pressing LEFT (<) or RIGHT (>). To ascend or descend a stairway, at the first step (when you see the ascend/descend stair icon), press one of the diagonal direction buttons. You will automatically bend down to pick up items if you walk over them. Some torches can be extinguished using a water arrow. Cycle through your inventory using the UP (^) and DOWN (v) until a water arrow is selected. Use ACTION (5) to fire the arrow and put out the torch. You can crouch behind someone and press ACTION (5) to pick their pocket. If they move your pickpocket attempt will fail, so careful timing is required. If you creep up behind someone and use the blackjack you can dispose of them silently. Don't forget to hide the body in order to prevent your detection. Bodies will be visible to guards if they are in well lit areas, and new guards will be sent to patrol the area. Sometimes is it impossible to remain undetected. Dispose of this guard using a gas bomb. Press the ACTION (5) key to aim, then press it again to throw the bomb.
This java games are recommended for all of you n gage gamers.
Enjoy play Thief Deadly Shadows Episode 1 Java Games.